Yuichi Kurita Ph.D

Associate Professor, Biological System Engineering lab. Department of System Cybernetics , Faculty of Engineering Hiroshima University

Researcher, JST PRESTO, Design of Information Infrastructure Technologies Harmonized with Societies

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What's new

Sep. 2016 A contribution book edited by Prof. Kurita has been published by Elsevier. Human Modeling for Bio-Inspired Robotics, 1st Edition Mechanical Engineering in Assistive Technologies edited by Jun Ueda and Yuichi Kurita.
Aug. 2016 Our research about sensorimotor-enhancing surgical forceps has been featured on science news site: Shaking up surgery: New vibrations in old tools allow surgeons to feel what they can't touch - EurekAlert!
Nov. 2015 Our research about Unplugged Powered Suit has been appeard on science news sites: Wearable equipment supports human motion where and when needed - EurekAlert!
July 2015 Yuichi Kurita joined to Kobelco Excavator Laboratory for Advanced Technology in the Collaborative Laboratory of Hiroshima University and Kobelco Construction Machinery Co. Ltd..